Amaizing Guava Nutrition Facts

Guava Properties :-

  • All Tasty, astringent, sweet, increase semen, nutrition, laxative, healthy, stimulating, good for intestine & heart, cool in nature.
  • One of its seed has the quality of reducing its adverse effect & helps in digestion. 1 guava should finish at a time.

Benefits of guavas :-

  • It Cures burning sensation, delirium, unconsciousness, quench thirst, worms.
  • Cure indigestion, anorexia. Cures dyspepsia, laxative, healthy, cures bowls, acidity, swelling, headache, piles.
  • It is harmful for to whom suffering from cough. Helps to come out of illusionary world.
  • Reduce vaat-cold- intoxication due to hemp (bhang), improves intellect power.
  • It is a winter fruit. Applying paste of raw guava on forehead relieves headache & migraine.
  • Its cooked vegetable cures constipation.
  • Applying paste of its seeds cures eczema.
  • Boil its leaves, & gargle with it to relive bleeding in stomach (metrorrhagia).
  • It is good in Leprosy, blood related problems. Drink its juice. Raw guava causes fever.
  • Juice gives cooling effect to the body.

It is good for weakness of digest, high B.P. vomiting due to pregnancy.


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