This special recipe Consisting of Lime Juice + Egg Yolks + Oil is based on careful research and experimentation on my part for the past 7 years.
I believe egg yolks are truly a blessing, if you want a complete and comfortable detoxification. Also, they are a short-cut, far superior to anything else. Also, adding the lime juice helps soften and dissolve the gunk without the unpleasant lemon taste, which is what would happen if you add lemons instead of limes. The egg has a strong stimulative function to the liver, not to mention that it helps to roll out the dirt naturally, easily and pain-free. Oil is a proven detoxifier, so adding it to the mix increases its stimulating effect and amplifies the detox. in whatever mysterious way this works, the fact is that it does work miracles and once you try it, you won’t go back

I would have to say that yes, if you practice this long enough and especially if you limit your intake of foods to lots of fruits and light eating of other items, in just a few short weeks, the tongue clears out completely, which is a sign of clean liver. The tongue becomes baby-pink. Watch your nose too – the nose is a direct mirror of the liver. Your nose will get significantly smaller and more delicate. If you ever had itching in the nose, it will stop completely.

People that have tried this, even experience the pink tongue even without limiting their regular diet in any special way. Some doctors have recommended this recipe to patients as a liver remedy, but very few doctors ever do so, because doctors are in the business of making money, so they don’t really want you to get cured. Responsible doctors are far and few between.

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