Leaves when mixed with the roots of ficus Ekitoma and tylosema are used for the treatment of oedema and AIDS. The stem and leaf decoction and stem ash (native salt) taken for the treatment of HIV AIDs. Proficient. G. Muteguya approves that when a decoction of the roots and flower is given to children it cures heart palpitation the decoction of the bulb is taken as cough remedy. Root used medicinally for colic, indigestion, and heart and cough. Stem and leaves are burnt to produce traditional soda ash for making vegetable and cures heart problem. The thick roots are chewed as treatment of headaches. Roots decoction mixed with strong tea for fever and headache shoots are like sugarcane its juice good for diabetes, dizzy, fatigues and heart palpation.

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  1. Alinaitwe Ambrose Reply

    Muteguya Ngambira Omubazi Gwenjoka Ya Ania Erataha Mu Busheija Nyamba Cari

    • Stephen Kalyesubula Reply

      Common Names
      Creeping bauhinia (English), Gwangwandiza (Shona), Marama bean, gemsbok bean, tamani berry (English), Morama bean, gami (Khoi), Mubopo (Shona), Mutukutupasi (Shona), Umbama or Umdabule (Ndebele).

  2. Besigye Tophil Reply

    Muteguya you are so great keep it up to heal Ugandans GOD BLESS YOU

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