Noni Juice

We get Noni juice from Noni fruit tree.For centuries, Noni has been used for healing in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific and now it is used at ALLELUIA REFLEXOLOGY CENTER. The Noni tree (MorindaCitrifolia) also known as Indian mulberry or cheese fruit has been used by the Polynesians as a medicinal plant, natural health tonic and food supplement. According to the research made by proficient GoodRich Muteguya he saw that if Noni juice is used also in Uganda, it would be one of the amazing treatments held by nature. Proficient GoodRich Muteguya says that “The fruit, leaves, flowers, bark and roots all contain useful and active compounds, used as a tonic”. Noni juice is traditionally been extracted as follows: the fruit is picked before it is fully ripe and placed in a jar in the direct sunlight. When soft and ripe, the fruit is mashed into a pure and the juice is extracted through a cloth. In this form the juice has an unpleasant smell and bitter taste.


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