As we all know the VERNONIA AMYDALINA is popular for its bitterness, its leaves, stem, roots and bark; a little reminder that life isn’t all sweetness, therefore the slang name BITTER LEAF. Take a leaf decoction that is widely used medically around Africa for treatment of various ailments for Emesis, nausea, diabetes, appetite, dysentery and Gastrointestinal tract problems.

vomonia is used in treatment of constipation, hepatitis, malaria fever, intestinal parasites and as purgative and as soup vegetable.

Urinary track inflammation and as a purgative and as a soup vegetable (young leaves)

Stem Bark, roots, & leaves are used as purgative, ant malarial & for treatment of local chicken in Kenya. In Tanzania it’s used for stomachache, Dysentery, trypernasomiasis and intestinal parasites.

It has been reported to significantly reduce glucose by using leaves in diabetic’s patient and stomachache

The treatment of gingivitis and toothache provides Aniti-oxidant benefits enhance the immune system.

Proficient Muteguya goes a head in educating about herbs, Bitter herbs help to tone vital organs of the body like the kidney and liver. The Liver is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for the secretion of bile and formation of glycogen. It is also responsible for the metabolism of protein and fats, infarct it’s an organ anyone would want to keep intact cause once there is a defect it is very hard to correct, alcohol, sugar and over processed foods should be avoided. The Kidney helps expel waste materials from the body; a breakdown of the kidney is a general disorder of the entire body. The bitter leaf contains vernodalin, venomygdin and saponin which are antibacterial that help keep this vital organs (kidney and liver) in order.

In Nigeria of West Africa the bitter leaf is used to cure Ring Worm, Rashes, and Eczema just by applying the pure undiluted extract of the bitter leaf to the affected part.

The bitter leaf also reduces the sugar level of the body drastically and repairs the pancreas, a wonder cure for diabetes, squeeze ten handful of the leaves in ten liters of water and take 2glasses 3times daily (6glasses daily) for one month.

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  1. charles Reply

    mululuza, aluvera, murama and muyati healed my fever eminently. i sweted seriousily.mululuza treated my chicken

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